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The Bangladesh CP Register (BCPR) is a confidential research database of information about people with cerebral palsy in Bangladesh

The main aims of the register are to:

  • Monitor trends of CP
  • Gain further understanding about the causes of CP
  • Develop and evaluate preventative strategies
  • Assist in planning services for people who have CP

The Bangladesh CP Register will provide a national framework for research, advocacy and service delivery. The information contained on the register will assist with research projects that focus on causes, prevention and management of cerebral palsy. In addition, the register will generate reports on demographics, frequency, distribution and severity for government and service providers. This will enable better planning for the present and future service provision needs of people with cerebral palsy.

Read more about the CP Register in our information sheet

How can I participate?

People with CP and their families can register in a number of ways:

The CP Register is private and confidential. Read more about privacy and confidentiality on our information sheet (link to pdf).
You may withdraw consent at any time.