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About Us


The Bangladesh CP Register or BCPR is a database of clinical information about cerebral palsy (CP).

Information collected about each person with CP includes birth details, type and severity of cerebral palsy, other associated impairments and parent demographics. The Bangladesh Cerebral Palsy Register project has been commenced in collaboration with the Child Sight Foundation (CSF), Bangladesh, the University of Sydney and Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Australia.

Why is the CP Register needed?

CP is a disorder of movement and posture resulting from damage to the developing brain. It is the most common cause of physical disability in childhood. There is no known cure for CP and rates have remained unchanged despite many recent advances in medicine. It is now recognised that most CP occurs as a result of factors present prior to birth, however little is known about such factors. For 80% of people, the cause of CP will be unclear.

The CP Register will provide a coordinated data collection system for CP in Bangladesh, and will increase the scope of research into CP. It will improve research quality by providing access to a large population sample.